New Business Set-Up, Business Acquisition, & Succession Planning

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New Business Set-Up, Business Acquisition, & Succession Planning

Whether you are starting a new business, purchasing or selling one, or are looking to transition your family business to the next generation, our firm can help you through the difficult process and even more difficult decisions.

We sit down with our clients to discuss the type of business they are starting, what the long-term aspirations and goals of the new business are, to determine what entity type best fits the new company.  We also discuss many other new business topics such as payroll and subcontract labor, sales tax, insurance and workers compensation, income taxes, among other topics.

There are many items to consider when purchasing an existing business.  Why does the seller no longer want to own this business?  What financing options do you have to purchase the new business?  Is it best to purchase the business through a stock sale or an asset sale?  Are the current earnings something that could change significantly in the near future?  There is much more to think of other than the sales price and current earnings when purchasing a business, as we are here to guide you every step of the way and beyond.

When the time comes to move away from your business, whether you are selling the business or looking to gift the business to the next generation there are several relevant topics to consider.  Should you sell the company as a stock sale or an asset sale?  When gifting shares to the next generation, we look at the whole picture and analyze how those gifts will impact your estate and retirement planning.  Can you keep the ownership of the real estate to help supplement your retirement income by collecting rent after the business is sold?  As you can see there are several questions and scenarios and we can sit down together to come up with what we believe to be your best long-term move going forward.